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This is the Best Value Genuine Seiko Automatic Watch

Posted on February 08 2021

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The Value Seiko Watch

Seiko is arguably the world leader when it comes to affordable automatic watches.

They produce watches with their own Japanese movements at a much lower price than similar Swiss-made pieces.

And they have a whole line of watches - the Seiko 5 collection - that was created specifically to release budget mechanical watches.

But they are prolific. There are a lot of Seiko watches to choose from and it can be difficult to narrow the list down.

If you wanted to buy one, where would you start?

I’d suggest that you start here - this is the Seiko watch that is the best value for money.

Make This Your First Seiko Automatic Watch

Seiko SNK809 Automatic Watch

The SNK809 is a mid-sized military-style watch that provides excellent bang-for-buck. You can often get this watch new for less than £100.

That’s for a Japanese-made watch with an in-house reliable Japanese movement. There are few companies that can compete with this watch.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is the Seiko 5 Collection?

In 1963 Seiko introduced the Seiko 5 series. A collection of watches designed to offer great value for money. It is built around 5 core design features.

  • Automatic winding
  • Day/date displayed in a single window
  • Water resistance
  • Recessed crown at the 4 o’clock position
  • Durable case and bracelet

So we know that the SNK809 has these basic features. It’s a durable water-resistant watch. There is a date window and the crown is positioned at 4 o’clock - that helps avoid bashing the crown.

It’s a watch designed for someone with an active lifestyle.

Seiko SNK809

  • 37mm Diameter
  • 11mm Thick
  • 18mm Lug Width
  • Stainless Steel
  • Japanese Automatic movement
  • Mineral Crystal
  • 30M Water Resistance

Modding the Seiko SNK809

Another reason to recommend this Seiko is that it can be customised.

There’s a lively scene for modifying this watch. Companies have built businesses supplying the parts - everything from new straps to glass, hands and dials. I looked at it more depth here.

You can really make this watch stand out.



Seiko makes a large selection of automatic watches - many of them designed to be inexpensive. It can be quite daunting to scroll through endless watches trying to find the real bargains.

The SNK809 is Seiko’s best value for money automatic watch. It’s a comfortable mid-sized piece with a strong military vibe. It was designed to be rugged and reliable.

A great additional benefit is that watch fans have chosen this model to modify. There are plenty of customised spare parts available if personalising the watch does excite you.

If you think that you have a better pick for the best value Seiko automatic, let me know in the comments below.


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