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I'm Lee. Owner of the one-man operation that is Chronopolis Watches.

I like to think of myself as a Robin Hood of the watch world. I'm a passionate fan of affordable watches and I try and pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm.

How did I end up here?

It started when I was a bookseller. I had my own used bookshop in the North of England.

Watches were a hobby that I'd chat about with book buyers. There was quite a bit of overlap. I'd sell a customer a book about military history and we'd find that we had a shared interest in military watches.

The big shift came when I set up a cabinet with some of my own unwanted watches. I figured that I had a shop and nobody would mind if I also sold a few watches.

And they did sell. But something interesting also happened. I'd get asked questions like "Do you have any more of those Russian watches?" or "It's a shame you sold that British Army watch, I wanted that".

As a watch fiend, I knew that those watches were still in production. So I figured out a way to get more. I started importing the watches that I loved. First from Russia, then Belarus, Germany and the US.

Before I knew it watches were my business and books and writing were my hobby.

I launched my watch business with a simple aim. To find the best affordable watches on the planet and make them available to buyers here in the UK.

But there was a problem.

A lot of the watches that I wanted to sell weren't well-known.

I had to find a way to let the world know why these watches were interesting.

The solution was so exciting for me. I'd start writing about my favourite watches. I'd tell you why I thought that these inexpensive watches were so cool.

I wanted to tell you the backstories. The brand histories. Sometimes I even wanted to introduce you to the brand's owners.

So I created my blog.

I got to combine two of the things that I love. Writing and watches.

I now work with brands to review their watches. I spend hours researching topics to save you time. And I do my best to sort the wheat from the chaff.

It's working too. The blog is going from strength to strength.

It's now the core of my business. I spend every day learning as much as I can about affordable watches. Then I share that information with you.

I try and create what I wanted. A resource that covers all aspects of buying and collecting affordable watches. I want to introduce you to new watches and brands. I want to show you where to buy them. I want to compare similar models and nudge you towards the best.

Most importantly, I want to share my passion.

Of course, I get paid when you take my advice and follow an affiliate link. So all that I ask is that you hit up my blog, follow some links and share the posts where appropriate.


P.S. I got so carried away that I even launched my own watch brand!